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CUTS in Elijah

Here’s the complete list of cuts we are making on June 23rd;

Part 1

  • The end of no.7 (“On Cherith’s brook”), no.8 and no.9 are cut (pages 38-53).
  • The chorus in no.12 (“Hear our cry”) is cut (pages 68-69) – we will join the recits either side together.

Part 2

  • No.29 (“He, watching over Israel”) is cut (pp.145-150)
  • No.40 (“Behold, God hath sent Elijah… But the Lord, from the north…”) is cut (pp.188-194)

UPDATE 6 June: we have reinstated no.12 so just one cut in the first half.

Elijah schedule part 2

Here are the movements we’ll be looking at for the remainder of the rehearsals; 22nd May 1-2, 5-7, 19-20, 28 and 38 29th May 10-13, 16, 28, 32-36 UPDATE – we’ll also look at 42 5th June 22-24, 32-36, 38, 42 12th June All movements in Part 1 19th June All movements in Part 2

Russian pronunciation

Dear all, For those of you who don’t have the Russian Pronunciation section in the back of your scores, here’s a scanned version; Russian_Pronunciation There’s a lot on there that might just confuse you, but the important bit is to look at the two tables “Vowels” and “Consonants”. Ignore the “Church Slavonic” column – theContinue Reading

Running order for G&S

Buon’ giorno, signorine (red book p20) Take a pair of sparkling eyes (red book p161) HMS Pinafore: We sail the ocean blue (TB) My gallant crew, good morning (Mike, TB) Sorry her lot who loves too well (solo) Now give three cheers (solos, SATB) When I was a lad (solo, SATB) Never mind the whyContinue Reading

Final schedule for G&S

7th June: The Ape and the Lady (mostly for the end) The Baffled Grumbler Never mind the why and wherefore (quick recap) Take a pair of sparkling eyes (mostly for the “guitar” bit) Pirates of Penzance: Oh better far Climbing over rocky mountain (mostly looking at the alto part) Stop Ladies, Pray (tbc – ifContinue Reading

Schedule for the next few weeks

Dear all, This Tuesday (17th) we’ll be looking at; Ape and the Lady, Baffled Grumbler, I Have A Song, Sparkling Eyes and the whole of the Pinafore extract (including Never Mind). The following week (24th); Buon’ Giorno, Ghosts’ High Noon, I Have A Song and the whole of the Mikado extract. On the 31st; ApeContinue Reading

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