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Lift up your heads – score changes

Here’s a list of all the rhythmic changes to the scores – please pencil these in the copies.

Bar 10 (TB) – last note is a semiquaver
Bar 11 (B) – “King of” is dotted
Bar 12, 13 & 14 (TB) – last note is a semiquaver
Bar 14 & 15 (TB) – “King of” is dotted
Bar 15 (SA) – last note is a semiquaver
Bar 16 (SA) – “mighty” is NOT dotted (ignore the “editorial” rhythm)
Bar 26, 27 & 28 (SA) – last note is a semiquaver
Bar 29 (ATB) – last note is a semiquaver
Bar 30 (T) – “of” is dotted
Bar 31 (All) – last note is a semiquaver
Bar 32 (S) – “of” is dotted (both S1 & S2)


Rehearsal schedule and cuts

Handel’s Messiah, March 2nd NB These movements are CUT: 34-37, 39, 49-52 8th January 7 And he shall purify 17 Glory to God in the highest 22 Behold the Lamb of God 24 Surely he hath borne our griefs 25 And with his stripes 53a Amen 15th January 7 And he shall purify 12 ForContinue Reading

CUTS in Elijah

Here’s the complete list of cuts we are making on June 23rd; Part 1 The end of no.7 (“On Cherith’s brook”), no.8 and no.9 are cut (pages 38-53). The chorus in no.12 (“Hear our cry”) is cut (pages 68-69) – we will join the recits either side together. Part 2 No.29 (“He, watching over Israel”)Continue Reading

Elijah schedule part 2

Here are the movements we’ll be looking at for the remainder of the rehearsals; 22nd May 1-2, 5-7, 19-20, 28 and 38 29th May 10-13, 16, 28, 32-36 UPDATE – we’ll also look at 42 5th June 22-24, 32-36, 38, 42 12th June All movements in Part 1 19th June All movements in Part 2

Russian pronunciation

Dear all, For those of you who don’t have the Russian Pronunciation section in the back of your scores, here’s a scanned version; Russian_Pronunciation There’s a lot on there that might just confuse you, but the important bit is to look at the two tables “Vowels” and “Consonants”. Ignore the “Church Slavonic” column – theContinue Reading

Running order for G&S

Buon’ giorno, signorine (red book p20) Take a pair of sparkling eyes (red book p161) HMS Pinafore: We sail the ocean blue (TB) My gallant crew, good morning (Mike, TB) Sorry her lot who loves too well (solo) Now give three cheers (solos, SATB) When I was a lad (solo, SATB) Never mind the whyContinue Reading

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