Come and Sing Fauré Requiem – Still time to sign up

Support Enfield Choral Society supporting musicians! Project aims To support freelance musicians whose careers have been devastated during the pandemic, by employing four professional singers and a small professional orchestra To provide an opportunity for our own choir members and other choral singers as a testament to the difficulties we’ve faced and the ways we’veContinue Reading

St Stephen’s Risk Assessment

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Notices for week of 10th March 2020

1. At the start of Tuesday’s rehearsal i proposed to the choir that we postpone the spring concert in view of the Covid-19 risk, and because it has become clear that we won’t have a viable choir (or, come to that, audience). Total expected singers had fallen to under 50, with S1s down to 8Continue Reading

Notices for week of 3rd March 2020

1.     Coronovirus – At the committee meeting on Monday 2nd March we discussed the coronavirus situation. We agreed that our right course of action at present is to continue as usual. We will keep watch on the situation and be prepared to act quickly if we have reason to believe our members or audienceContinue Reading

Notices for week of 25th February 2020

Spring concert on Saturday 21st March. (a) Please continue to sell as many tickets as you can.  We’re relying on you to help us get a really good audience. (b) A few members have yet to sign up for the spring concert, so please can they complete the concert and Thursday rehearsal columns on theContinue Reading

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