Notices: 15th October 2019

  1. Autumn Concert

If you have not yet let us know whether you are singing in the concert please contact Graham Davis immediately at

Tickets available from Vivien as usual; email requests to collect next Tuesday

I can’t emphasise enough how important it is for every member of the choir to sell as many tickets as possible. As an excellent programme with orchestra it’s got a lot going for it.

Many thanks to everyone who is already helping with publicity.

As far as we know we have now used/committed all the posters and fliers we had printed.   If you have spare posters and/or fliers please return them next Tuesday.

Nick and Pat, who handle respectively the choir’s Facebook and Twitter presence both request your help in publicising the concert via social media.  Facebook users: please share the event on your own pages.  Tweeters: please follow us on: @enfieldchoral.     In general, it’s good for the choir if as many members as possible visit the sites.

  1. Levy Tickets

I’ve picked up that some members are confused by levy tickets, so I’ve put an explanation on the website.  Please let me know if you still have questions, so I can update the post to answer them.

  1. ECS Friends Scheme

Applications are now open for Friends of Enfield Choral Society for the 2019-20 season.  For anyone who attends our concerts regularly this is a very good deal.  For a minimum donation of £45 a year Friends of Enfield Choral Society (ECS) receive:

  • a season ticket for all 4 ECS concerts during the year. This will provide a small saving on prices for 4 concert tickets bought in advance
  • a discount on the fee for any ECS workshop
  • an invitation to attend any ECS social events on the same basis as choir members
  • if desired, your name in the concert programme
  • a copy of any ECS newsletter

Now is the time to join the scheme.

Please contact Jan Metcalfe for application form at

  1. Singing for Syrians

We’ve been asked to participate in an initiative called Singing for Syrians, which offers a positive way to help some of Syria’s most vulnerable people through the Hands Up Foundation’s aid work.

If we can get a choir together to sing carols at an underground station they will book it for us. There’s a sign-up sheet.  Possible dates: Either Monday 16th or Thursday 19th December between 5.30 and 7.30pm.  If you’d like to participate but can’t do the whole session, put time you can do (e.g. ‘from 6pm’; ‘to 7pm’; ‘5.45-6.45pm’).  If you wish to email me with your availability at I will add this to the sheet.


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