Notices for 8th October 2019

1. Concert on 2nd November

Thanks if you’ve already signed up; please do so asap if not.  Obviously we’d like as many members to sing in the concert as possible.  For planning purposes, we also need to know who can’t participate, so please put x if that’s the case or ? in pencil for ‘unsure’ and change that to a tick (hopefully) or cross asap.   Blanks make planning very difficult.

Tickets available from Vivien.

Please help with publicity: Don’t forget to email the flyer to family and friends if you haven’t already done so.

2. Blake Court Christmas concert.

Thank you if you’ve let us know dates you can and can’t do.  Please fill in the blanks (as above).  We can’t commit until we have a viable choir, with enough singers in each voice part.  We’ve narrowed it down to two dates: Weds 18th or Friday 20th

  1. There’s still room for a few more members to volunteer for the MHA Sing-along on 22nd October – 2-3pm at Grange Park Methodist Church.
  2. Message from Sue Jeffreys: There will be a raffle at choir next week.  Please bring cash to buy tickets.
  3. Any altos attending the sectional rehearsal on Thursday 10th October (details in separate post) who missed the opportunity tonight to request items to rehearse then might wish to let Hilary Luckcock know before Thursday.

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