Women Composers Rehearsals

On Tuesday 18th January 2022 we will be rehearsing all choral movemennts of Cecilia McDowall: Magnificat, then maybe recapping the Mel Bonis and Lili Boulanger we rehearsed on 11th January.

On Tuesday 25th January we will recap and consolidate the work done so far on the Boulanger, McDowall and Bonis.

On Tuesday 1st February we will be rehearsing Janet Wheeler ‘The Ceaseless Round of Circling Planets’ movements 2 and 4. We will also do a quick recap of the Bonis and Boulanger in the last 10 minutes of the rehearsal.

On Tuesday 8th February we will be rehearsing the Hildegard von Bingen, the Ethel Smyth and the two movements of the Wheeler we did on 1st February (2 and 4). We will work on the Wheeler until 8.40pm, then have notices and a short break before rehearsing the two SA pieces. So tenors and basses will be free to leave by 8.50pm if they wish.

Tuesday 15th February: In preparation for Janet Wheeler’s visit next week we will focus mainly on ‘The Ceaseless Round of Circling Planets’, working on the two movements we haven’t started rehearsing yet (Movement 3, then Movement 1). After a break at around 8.45pm we will run through the entire work. Tenors and Basses will be free to leave at around 9.10-9.15pm, after which Sopranos and Altos will rehearse the Hildegard von Bingen.

On Tuesday 22nd February we’ll dedicate the whole rehearsal to the Wheeler, in the presence of the composer! As you know, Janet Wheeler will be attending to tell us more about ‘The Ceaseless Round of Circling Planets’ and to help us get to grips with it. She will be bringing her waterphone, which Mark (for whom ‘percussionist’ has emerged as yet another area of musical expertise!) is going to play at the concert.

We hope everyone enjoyed Janet Wheeler’s visit. In the event, there wasn’t time for Janet to tell us about her piece. For this, please read her programme note in the front of the score.

On Tuesday 1st March, after our usual 10 minute warm-up, we’ll spend an hour working on the Cecilia McDowall Magnificat. We’ll have notices (after which T&B sections released) and a short break at 8.40pm. From 8.55 until 9.30pm we’ll rehearse the S&A pieces, first March of the Women and then the Hildegard von Bingen.  

On Tuesday 8th March we will start with the Mel Bonis Cantique de Jean Racine. We will then run Cecilia McDowall Magnificat and Janet Wheeler The Ceaseless Round of Circling Planets, aiming not to stop these. After a break at 8.40pm we will address things arising from those runs.

We will rehearse the whole programme in each of the three concert-week rehearsals. On Tuesday 15th March at St Stephen’s we will again sit according to the concert seating plan, with a few changes from last week. At the rehearsal on Thursday at St Paul’s Winchmore Hill, 7.45-9.45pm, we will welcome Lindsay Bramley, duettist with Andrew to accompany the Janet Wheeler. Lindsay will also be singing with the altos for the second half of the concert. Please arrive at 7.30pm for a prompt start. For the Saturday afternoon rehearsal at St Paul’s please arrive at 2.15pm. The rehearsal is 2.30pm sharp until 4pm. Please look out for email with full info re arrangements.

Message from Ben: ‘Absolutely thrilled with where we are, but we mustn’t rest on our laurels! 
Thursday: quick warm up, and run through the Boulanger, and then a run (not including the solo quartets, but including the Filer if that’s ok please Andrew!). 
Please take the couple of days to look over the odd corner. And remember that loud and wrong is GREAT!!!’ 

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