Membership is open to anyone over the age of sixteen and there are currently approximately 50 members.

There is no audition for membership. However, it is essential that members of the choir are confident singers who can hold a line in their respective voice part. It is useful if they have the ability to follow and interpret a score; although this can and will develop with practice. If you're interested in singing with us you would be most welcome to come along to three ‘try-out’ rehearsals, during which time there will be a chance to have an informal chat with our musical director about singing with the choir and how you think you are getting on.

Music for the concerts is hired for the Society by the librarian.  You just need to bring a pencil and pencil-rubber to rehearsals for marking up your scores.

Membership Fees

The 2022/2023 membership fee will be £226, which can be paid in instalments.  The fee includes approximately 40 rehearsals, music hire and 3 concert tickets per year. Full time students pay £30 per annum.  Fees are reduced on a pro-rata basis for members joining mid-way through a choir (i.e. academic) year.  During the year when live rehearsals were not possible a significantly lower fee was charged. 

For more information, please contact the Membership Secretary, at: